Alan McElroy A very talented Auckland based Irish comedian.  Alan's performance is a high paced entertaining romp through the crazy thoughts of a hyperactive mind. He is full of energy so you do need to pay attention not to get lost as he bounces around both physically and verbally. Some might get lost in the accent but I usually have no trouble keeping up.
Alice Brine Wellington comic. A good steady comic with great material and a polished delivery, has stepped up a level over the past year. A 2016 Billy T Award nominee Alice has the potential to be a star of the future.
Amadeus Diamond Auckland based comic with a lowkey style and some very funny clever jokes but also hits on some controversial subjects in a way that can put off some people. Has potential.
Andre King One of the best kiwi comedians. Andre does a lot of international work in the UK and Asia appearing in the top comedy clubs and venues. His tales of the UK come with some fantastic accent impersonations. A top class performer who keeps the laughs flowing consistently through his set. Also well known as a public speaker and actor and voice artist.
Andrew Clay One of the stars of NZ comedy for 20+ years. Plenty of experience producing a polished and entertaining show.
Angella Dravid One of the rising stars of NZ comedy. Angella has a unique style sounding quiet and nervous and then hits you with fantastic jokes seemingly out of nowhere, over and over. 2015 Raw Comedyd Quest Finalist. Voted 2015 Best Newcomer. She was one of the highlights from the TV3 series Funny Girls and Jono And Ben. Angella is the 2017 Billy T Award Winner.

Anthony Wilson Auckland comedian who has performs with a high energy almost in your face style. He has a mix of one liners and longer stories all based on some crazy life experiences, being often described as 'alternative'. Having gained a lot of experience in the past few years starting from Class Comedians through to Raw Quest and beyond he has picked up a number of Comedy Guild Award nominations. Anthony has previously run gigs at the Parakai Hot Pools and a monthly gig based at Kingsland bar Flight 605  both featuring some of New Zealands top comics.

A shton Brown Auckland based comedian. Ashton is also an actor, drama teacher and playwright. This gives him a broad skill base in entertaining an audience. He is a clever comedy writer and is able to bring that to life on stage.  
Ben Hurley An award winning comic, one of the more famous of the current kiwi comedians. 2004 Billy T Award winner. A very funny polished performance every time.
Brendan Green Skilled wordsmith. Billy T Award nominee. Comedy verging on the intellectual but something for everyone. Very relaxed manner and does deliver some interesting life advice. Always presents a happy and positive demeanor. Click here for interview.  
Brendan Kelly Has a subdued delivery style which seems to work for him. Tends more towards stories with a twist that will make you think while you laugh. A Raw Comedy Quest Finalist. 
Brendhan Lovegrove Has won more awards than can possibly list but includes Best Male Comedian 9 times. One of the most in demand comics in NZ. A self proclaimed genius he does back it up with his performances. Very good at accents and mannerisms he is able to mimic people from most corners of the globe. Does push the boundaries of comedy at times which makes him (as he says ) "not for everybody".  He is one of the all time best stand up comics NZ has produced. Click here for Interview.
Bridget Davies New to comedy, 2015 was her first year on the scene. Has proven to be both a natural and a fast learner. Very good material and great timing and delivery. A star of the future who is already starting to shine. 2016 Raw Comedy Quest Finalist. Click here for interview .